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What is your story?  I learned in my years as a freelance writer that everyone has a story. Readers are voracious. Let's all give them something to devour! 

What's my story?  I am Lisa Parker, BA Linguistics, and I call myself a word nerd. Here I sit at my desktop happily in my home writing fiction and editing others' work. Stop on by  for the latest of what I'm up to. My photos are book covers in the works and some personally just make me happy.

I love collaborating with fellow creatives, so don't be shy. If you have something brewing, let's bring it to a boil!

Beach office blog:   I've been long dreaming of getaways to a satellite home/beach office in Mexico. I find I'm a life long learner and I am almost ready for a change and the challenges that come with it. Had it up to here with the snow, pun intended? Just in case, I will share what I learn as I look into it.

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Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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This is a cover for a hiking/personal journey logbook that I'm working on. It all begins with this photo of sluggie that I captured while walking my dog in Crescent Park, Surrey, BC

 Next up: Edith's Paws soon to be published as an e-book.